How to Create a Ride Sharing App? Development Process, Features and Cost

Looking to build your own ride sharing app? This beginner's guide on Ride sharing app development covers everything you need to know.

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Ride Sharing apps have gained popularity over the years as it make travelling more reliable, cost effective and safer. By the benefits and affordability it offers, the ride sharing apps has begun to join hands with the common people all over the world. Ride sharing has gained popularity among millennials and Gen Z as it eliminates the burdens of vehicle ownership, maintenance, and component replacement costs. Eventhough big players like Lyft, Uber and BlaBlaCar are dominating the market, there is still lot more room for new players to enter the market.

The global ride sharing which was valued at $85 Billion in 2021 is now expected to reach $185 Billion by 2026.

In this article we will explain everything from How to start a ride sharing business by building your ride sharing app, development method, cost to develop it. Let’s get started,

How to Build a Ride-Sharing App like Lyft, BlaBlacar?

While creating this kind of ride sharing app there are several steps to be considering is important. Ride sharing app can be developed rigidly and effectively according to the capitalized investment.

Market Research

Apart from the platform, functionalities first of all, making a market research is important, by which you can come over about, which region has interest about using this carpooling app, who are the target audience. Then, the features and functionalities that must be present in the app, development method, Testing the product, Cost for development are furtherly in the list. 

Must-Have Features to Create a Ride Sharing App

The main two types of users of the app are the one who drives the car/ the one who owns a car and the other one is the passenger - who are willing to take a ride. So by providing a dedicated app for those users makes the best way for the user experience. 

To the onboard entrepreneur\s who are willing to start their own business via the digital world,going through an app development for rideshare will be a fruitful idea. Splitting up by the users the features are added to it.

Features of Ride Sharing Apps for Drivers

1. Registration with various sign-up process

2. Adding up their vehicle

3. Setting up the details about the destination

4. In-built map for choosing the picking and dropping location

5. Canceling the rides

6. Adding up the cost for travel

7. Selecting the count of co-passengers

8. Accept/Decline the Received ride request

9. Information of each rider’s profile

10. Access to view profiles of the riders

11. Receiving payment via Integrated System

12. In-built chat options with riders

13. Inbuilt customized SOS option

14. Smart notification about the rides and riders 

15. Rate and review about the riders

Features of Ride Sharing Apps for Riders/Passengers

1. Registration with various sign-up process

2. Booking and Canceling the rides

3. Able to choose the destination with custom search option

4. In-built map for choosing the picking and dropping location

5. Viewing about the co-passenger and driver

6. In-built chat options with riders and driver

7. Ride scheduling in Advance

8. Help Center to Report Issues 

9. Smart notification about the rides and riders 

10. Rate and review about the riders and driver

11. Inbuilt customized SOS option.

Features of Ride Sharing Apps for App Owners

1. Booking management of both rider and passenger

2. Driver Management

3. Vehicle Management

4. Complaint Centre Management

5. Ratings & Reviews Management

6. Promo-code Management

7. Notification Management

8. Ride Sharing App Development Approach

Once after the research, going through the development process is the next step, in this development process choosing the wise one in the  three types according to your need is the most important step. The types are as follows;

1. Native App Development for Android and iOS

2. Cross Platform App Development

Native App Development

As the name implies the development process is taken over there. There are majorly two kinds of platform users all over the world majorly they are Android and iOS.  For developing a dedicated app for each will be the best option for providing the service with an user friendly interface.  The cost for this kind of development is costlier when compared to the cross platform app development. 

But the user experience and flexibility for the user makes it worth the development. The part of high cost for developing native apps is hiring the developers! The development process is gone through the dedicated/separated form of app development according to the platform. Two apps at a time makes the cost high for development. 

Tech Stack for Developing a Ride Sharing App for Andoird

Programming languages - Java, Kotlin.

Tools - Android Studio, Android IDE, Intellij IDEA.

UI Framework - Jetpack Compose, Android UI.

Tech Stack for Developing a Ride Sharing App for iOS

Programming languages - Swift, Objective-C.

Tools - XCode, AppCode, Atom.

UI Frameworks - UIKit, SwiftUI.

Cross Platform App Development

As the name implies the development process is simultaneously made for both android and iOS platforms. This development process can be made with Popular cross-platform app development frameworks like: Flutter, React Native, Xamarin. 

So the need of two developers is reduced to one developer when compared to native platform development. This reduces the cost for development , similarly the time taken for the development is reduced. Though there are advantages like cost and time reduction the app nevertheless makes the best performance for users.

Popular Cross-Platform App development Frameworks: Flutter, React Native, Xamarin.

Which One to Choose to Develop a Ridesharing App?

While choosing the development approach keep in mind the needs of your business. Having a clear goals can help you come up with an answer of which type to go with. If you are looking to build a ride sharing app in a cost effective manner then going with cross platform development can be good choice as native app development will cost you more. 

The time to build native app development will be more compared to cross platform app as the developers need to code ride sharing apps for android and iOS separately but in case of cross platforms one code can be used for both operating systems. So if you are not thinking of cost and time then you can go with native app development.

Create Your Minimum Viable Product

Minimum viable product is the one which can make your ideas into reality with minimum budget. Through which you can make fundraising for your ideas, this leads many investors to drag their eyes into your app. Feedbacks with the users can make improvement in your future app development.

Testing and Launching

With the developed MVP of your app you can come through the advantages and disadvantages of the app. After ensuring all the issues and bugs you can get ready for your app launch. After passing the guidelines of the Play store and App store your app will get launched officially.

Ride Sharing App Development Cost

There are some of the factors which reflects in the cost of Ride share app development,

1. The development method you chose for the app development

2. The geographical location of the company which is developing the application

3. The dedicated members in the technical team involved in the development area.

Considering the above factors the cost to develop a ride sharing app will be around $25,000 to $80,000 with adding up the features it may vary. Using white label Ride sharing app solutions such as BlaBlaCar Clone App can cost you around $4500 to $15,000 based on the customization, features to be added etc.

How Appticz Can Help You Make Your Ridesharing App?

If you are up to building up a ride sharing app, Reach out to us. We Appticzcustom software development companydevelop top notch mobile apps according to the needs of clients around the world. As we are experts in building carpooling apps with your needs we can build it from scratch or either by our white label solution - BlaBlaCar Clone Script. Feel free to contact us and build you ride sharing app today!

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