A Comprehensive Analysis of Airbnb Clone Script Features and Benefits

An Airbnb Clone is a fully featured, robust, and advanced clone script which accentuates all the unique features of Airbnb for your vacation rental business.

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Airbnb Clone Script has evolved into a profitable vacation rental platform in which property owners and travelers can engage directly to book properties, rent a place, or any accommodation needs, This business model has a huge demand in the travel and tourism industry because of its lucrative feature set that is built in with the script. If you looking to provide an awesome hotel booking experience for your customers then avail the vacation rental script which offers you a plethora of features and functionalities. This article will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of Airbnb Clone Script features and business benefits.

Workflow of the Vacation Rental Software 

1. The user can search for available properties by entering the location and date of arrival.

2. The platform will now display the available possibilities, from which the user can select one. 

3. After the booking is confirmed by the user a booking request is sent to the host/service provider. The host can now accept or decline the booking request. 

4. Once the booking request is accepted, the user can pay through the platform.

5. After the payment is completed the admin will receive the rental fare paid by the user. The owners retain their service fees while transferring the remainder to the host.

Components of Airbnb Clone Script

The vacation rental software works seamlessly with the following components. These apps are integrated for the efficient and proper functioning of the booking requests. The three main components of an Airbnb Clone App are,

1. User/Customer Panel - For surfing rooms, booking, and payment gateways.

2. Host Panel - For listing properties, and handling booking requests.

3. Admin Panel - Monitoring entire business operation, managing user/host profiles.

Customer/Guest App Features

Reviews & Ratings

When the user checkouts the room, or the property they rented, they can give ratings for the stay. Based on the amenities and the services offered on the property, users can write down a review for new users who likes to rent the place. This feature encourages customer interaction and can also be a suggestion for the host to take care of. 

Advanced Search Filters

The aggressive search filter feature allows users to narrow down their searches by location, amenities, price, discounts, reviews, and so on. This feature will save time for users who are in a hurry or precise about their choices. This feature is designed in a way that uses tags, while a host lists their properties. The search result may vary from user to user.

Chat Box 

Integrating a strong chat-support system into your Airbnb clone app development provides real-time assistance to your users. Your app users can utilize it to directly contact a sales representative or technical help to receive solutions to their questions. This feature can also be automated during the night hours. 

Social Media Sharing

Each property viewing page will have a share feature enabled in the customer mobile application. This allows users to share the selected property on their social media profiles. With a single tap on your customer's mobile phones, they can share the property through WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other popular social media.

Multiple Languages & Currency

Many languages, including English, Hindi, Spanish, and others, can be simply merged with your vacation rental software. You can also configure your app to show the pricing in the currency according to the user’s country. This feature will make you go international nevertheless of your location or service. Users can also pay with their preferred currency choice during the payment. 

Add to Favourites List

Another feature to keep an eye out for, is adding to the favorites list. This feature allows customers to save the property for future bookings or just to create a shortlist from all of the available possibilities. The favorites list can be helpful when your user revisits a place after a long time but forgot the place where they stayed last time. 

Host App Features

Promo Codes & Discounts

Every Airbnb clone app development includes the opportunity to provide coupons/promos to increase conversion. Our Airbnb clone software also includes Discount Coupons and Promos as an in-app feature. The host can pitch variable pricing to their listed properties to increase the number of bookings.

Multiple Listings

The host can use this feature to list multiple properties on your platform with a single account. This helps host who owns more than one property. The feature allows the host to add the amenities, services offered, pricing, and other details to every property separately. 

Feature a Property

Hosts can have their properties listed by paying a fee. This feature includes the property in primary searches and helps in increasing the visibility of the property and booking probability. Those who are new to the platform can use this feature to get a good start. The existing host can use this feature for their brand-new place that is open for rent.

Categorized Inbox

The segregation of messages is done automatically by the Airbnb Clone Script. It clubs messages from the guest as a single category, clubs messages from the admin into another category, and so on. The host can readily check their inbox messages for the progress of their property, user experience, or bookings. A categorized inbox provides a quick overview of the bookings.

Host Cancellation

Using the host cancellation feature, the host can cancel the booking request made on the property listing. On canceled listing, the host can also provide a good explanation for canceling the booking request. This feature can be utilized when the booking looks fake or users are trying to hold property and looking for other options.

Avoid Duplicate Bookings

Any vacation rental software should be able to automatically indicate whether or not a property listing is available for the booking period or whenever a property listing is booked. This is what the Appticz Airbnb clone script offers. This allows users to get the most out of your vacation rental software and avoid double/duplicate bookings.

Admin Panel Features

Advanced Analytics

The advanced analytics features provide you a graphical data on the bookings, no of bookings canceled, verified profiles, verified properties, and so on. You can generate reports based on the performance. This will help in analyzing the overall efficiency of the platform and areas where you need to improvise. The pictorial data can also be shared via social platforms to increase brand presence.

Bird’s Eye Monitoring

Any platform like Airbnb necessitates constant monitoring and control daily. As a marketplace administrator, you can give alerts to users, filter user-generated content like profiles and listings, limit user access, evaluate your transaction methods, and so on. The entire business operation can be managed over the powerful admin dashboard.

Dispute Handling

It is very common in the vacation rental business to have disputes between hosts and guests. When a concern/dispute is raised by the host or a guest, the admin can analyze the issue and have the privilege to ban the party who is guilty. Admin can also push notifications to the inbox regarding the dispute.

Issue a Penalty

An admin can issue a penalty for a host if he finds his/her property is found misleading. A penalty is a warning sign for a host, he/she can resolve it by providing correct content about the property and appealing for a penalty lift. The admin can look for the changes made and their authenticity and remove the penalty. 

Manage Listings and Bookings

The admin has the privilege to add, edit, modify, or delete a property listing or a booking. Admins can bypass the host and guest preferences on a booking. This feature can be used if it's needed. This feature will not interrupt the automation of the hotel booking process running in the background.

Powerful and Engaging UI

We ensure that your customers have a highly informative admin panel that gives them all of the tools they need to be successful by taking a thoughtful approach to UI/UX design. You can differentiate yourself from the competition by utilizing cutting-edge features and data metrics that give you complete control over your vacation rental business. 

Benefits of Having a Vacation Rental Software for your Business

Automate your Bookings

Appticz comprehensive Airbnb Clone Script allows you to manage your complete vacation rental business without having to lift a finger. All you'll need to do is keep track of your subscriptions, members, and properties on your platform. You can choose what proportion of transactions on your website you want to take as a commission. You can also specify whether or not you require a security deposit from guests for the duration of their stay at a specific property listed on the website by a host. Payments are then processed automatically via the third-party payment gateway API. You have the option of withholding payment until the guest(s) checkout. With this technological solution, you can completely automate the whole hotel booking process.

Value-Added Services with Airbnb Clone Model

Airbnb Clone App can be integrated with any type of rental business that works with the components of the script. The Airbnb Clone App can work with business models like car rental, boat rental, hardware rental, e-vehicles rental, plumbing rentals, and so on. You can extend your business services by integrating other rental businesses with the existing script. 

Pocket-Friendly Solution

If you are looking for a technological upgrade for your vacation rental business with a budget constraint, then developing an Airbnb Clone will be a quick and budget-friendly upgrade. You can focus your budget on marketing and sales rather than spending on your product development. To summarise, there is no better solution than using a ready-to-use and complete Airbnb clone script to materialize your online rental business goals within your budget and timescale.

Commission from Hosts and Users

The mainstream of generating revenue is by charging a commission for both guests and hosts. When a hotel booking is completed, Airbnb Clone App charges hosts a flat 10% commission on all bookings made through the platform. Meanwhile, for the guest, When a confirmed booking is made, Airbnb Clone App charges a processing fee of 3% of the booking price. 

Before You Leave

With the growing popularity of rental economy businesses, the market for Airbnb Clone Development has expanded significantly in recent years. Appticz provides regular feature updates that benefit both the host and the guest and will make sure your project is up to date by comparing features and technology with competitors. We prioritize the needs of our clients and provide them with all of the main features they require to efficiently build their business and reach their users.


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