How To Build A Dating App Like Tinder, Bumble From Scratch in 2024?

In this article, we come up with the answer to the question “How to create a dating app like Tinder” in detail that can help entrepreneurs to launch their own dating app.

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The desire to meet someone for a date is a natural part of everyone’s life in this era. Even Though dating culture wasn’t known before, nowadays with internet dating has become more common and has become incredibly popular worldwide. The use of dating apps are also increased as they provide an easy way to find their partners anywhere, anytime. 

The number of online dating users was continuously increasing over the past few years.  If you are an entrepreneur looking to enter this lucrative industry, it’s the right time to release a dating app. 

To help entrepreneurs with dating app development and build an app like Tinder, we will share the considerations, entire development process, cost to create an app like Tinder. 

Dating App Statistics

Even though knowing the reach of dating apps, researching about the statistics of dating apps is much more important. With the analyzed data here comes the reach of the Tinder dating app;  The world's most popular app for dating downloads holds 29.17% which is the highest share among competitors in the U.S. market share.

Apart from this, there are certain reasons why to develop a dating app like Tinder over other dating apps. 

Tinder press confirms that nearly over 30 million matches are registered every day. In the first quarter of 2015, the number of subscribers for Tinder is about 0.09 million, and in the first quarter of 2023 is about 10.7 million subscribers. This shows the interest among people to use the Tinder app. And thus it’s beings a choice for the entrepreneurs to choose for building a dating app.

How to Create a Dating App like Tinder?

There are two kinds of customized development no-code and low-code platforms for custom app development.

As there are lots of apps providing dating services to stand unique from them as well as able to develop an app that is more than equal to produce a service like theirs, custom app development will be the best option for the development process. Considering some important steps ahead can make your development successful.

Core Features and Functionalities, Different Level Monetization Options - Decide What to Offer in Your MVP.

Instead of dumping so many features into the app, adding up the top mainly used features will make the application a noticeable one. By using the MVP option you can customize all the basic options which are being the top necessary one to the application starting from social media integration, and to find potential pair users are allowed provided with search options with questions that sort out their needs directly to reach their pair.

By adding up the “super likes” options which can be used by premium users to show their interest to their interested ones, authentication via social media networks. With the feedback gained by the MVP launched, by this, you can change the needs and can make upgrades can be made while building it to the next level.

Analyse Popular Dating Apps to Get Relevant Ideas

As there are popular dating apps around there choosing the best ideas and designs from it and implementing it is the best idea. And by the reviews given to it by the users of it upgrade it to your application. Considering the top dating apps like

1. Tinder

2. Bumble

3. OkCupid 

As these apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms is more than enough for research, and you can come up with the best idea to develop yours. Furtherly, by the plans available on each application you can choose the relatable one which adapts your business. 

Protecting Sensitive Information Of User Profiles

A robust way to protect the data of the user which has been updated on their profile is more important.  Any data breach can affect or spoil their profile. So being conscious and implementing robust security features for protecting the information of users is important.  Such as  

1. Encrypted data format

2. Secured API

3. Multifactor Authentication

4. Strong Password Policies.

Choosing Tech Stack to Develop an App like Tinder

The method you choose to build the app which is to be a native or cross-platform app.  Where going through native app development provides the best user experience. Going through app development for Android languages like Java or Kotlin are used for iOS native app development languages like Swift or Objective-C are used.

Mobile app development frameworks like React Native, Flutter, Cordova and Ionic are used for Cross-Platform development, by this method app is developed in one platform which suits both iOS and Android. This method makes the development cost very low by the way this cross-platform app development can’t equal the user experience like the app developed in the native app development method.

By going through using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for the front end. For back-end development JavaScript-based web framework like Angular. Node.js.  And consequently after choosing the development method the next step is choosing the developers instead of going through an hourly-based service, hiring a custom mobile app development company will be the best way for delivering your product to the users. 

Planning the Development of Algorithms for Matching Purposes

To find matches data analysis is done widely by the application, so why most of the popular applications prefer to use both AI(Artificial Intelligence)/ ML (Machine Learning) for effective results in their applications. 

While you are in developing a dating app Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning plays a vital role in the purpose of the application.

Build a Tinder Clone With Ready Made Solutions

If you are an entrepreneur; obviously you will be looking for a quick development. In that way above method takes a long time to launch your app. By going on to the other method of development using a ready made Tinder clone of an available app can shorten your development time. Even if you lack developers on your side by reaching out to a custom mobile app development company can make your development easier.  

If you go with the clone script of an app for example using Tinder’s Clone Script all you need to do is 

1. Buying the clone script.

2. Customizing according to the need.

2. Publish to concerned platforms (Google play store, App Store).

4. Governing it through the Admin panel, Analytics.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like Tinder?

As said before in the article there are two kinds of ways for developing an app, they are scratch-based development and clone app script development. Comparing the methods of development the cost for each development varies much for each other. The cost of developing an app like Tinder is around $25000 - $95000 for both Android and iOS platforms. Developing with readymade Tinder clone app development cost $5000 - $45000.

Why Choose Appticz to Develop an App like Tinder 

We Appticz custom app development company providing customized on-demand app development service at its best. With our hands-on experienced developers in the field of app development. Our developers are expertized in adding up your customized ideas to your app. As we develop apps via both scratch-based development and clone script-based development you can choose your own option in that case. Reach out to our experts for further details.


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