How Much Does it Cost to Build an Airbnb Clone?

Looking to develop an Airbnb clone? Here are the factors that impact airbnb clone app development and estimate cost to create website like airbnb.

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As till date, the net worth of Airbnb is $75.52B, but have you ever wondered how much it costs for developing such a money-circulating business i.e Airbnb like Website and App? Here we answer it. 

Evolving around 200+ countries withholding 700 million users there are 4+ million hosts worldwide. With over 6+ million listings on the platform, 20+% market share of the vacation rental industry has been taken over by Airbnb.  The facilities in it make such a growth in the number of users to it all over the world. 

The vacation rental app development cost can be determined by various factors. Can you believe that the cost of developing a billion-dollar money-circulated app is between some ten thousand. If you're considering investing in the vacation rental market through an innovative Vacation rental app, your first step would probably be searching for the costs involved to develop it. To make your search easy, we have come up with the detailed Airbnb clone development cost. 

Understanding Airbnb Business Model

First of all, the users of Airbnb are of two types they are guests and land owners. The features and functionality are fully being used by these two kinds of users. Hence providing the best options to filter out - sort out the needs will be a vital part of the booking for a guest. Hence it's a worldwide business the app should be compatible with all the end users. 

This makes entrepreneurs reach out to app development companies. Do consider understanding the existing features and functionalities in the existing ones and comparing them to each other makes lots of ideas to implement in the ongoing app development. 

Though the need is all over the world there are certain countries where the users(travelers) are quite large. Adding up the landlords in those areas will make much reach among the users. Understanding the trends while comparing all the available applications will bring some new ideas which are lacking in them, which will surely bring some initiative to your app development.

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Airbnb Clone App Development Cost: Breaking Down the Key Cost Factors

The Complexity Of The App's Features And Functionality

Basic features and functionalities are available on the clone which doesn’t make much impact on the cost of the development. While adding some complex features to the app reflects in the cost. Similarly, Integrating the most affordable way for paying the rent with converted fiats, there are some of the factors which increase the cost of development

The Technology Used To Build The App

Obviously, the users do not use a single platform to access the application, in that way launching the app on the major platform makes the initial way for reaching the users. The app should be optimized to work on the topmost platform like Android, IOS, and Windows. This ensures that all kinds of platform users can access the service provided.  

The Development Team's Hourly Rate

The price for the development is calculated in various methods either by an entire product price or by the total time taken for development. While adding the features and functionalities in a customized form the hourly rate will be included to it how long the time takes for implementing the functions to it. 

In this part do consider the experienced hands who are in the field of developing mobile apps. So by handing over the development process each and every step of development will be handled by expertized developers. This makes an easy way to implement ideas to them. This collaboration of ideas with them makes a notable impact with a top-notch product.

The Time It Takes To Develop The App

Here at one part, we can surely explain that time is directly proportional to the rate of the product. As far as time increases the rate of the product increases. Increasing the functionalities of the app does not matter here; how fast the development team implements it is important.

So while choosing the team, enquiring about the time they take for the development with coordinating including the features in it. 

Understanding the Process Involved in Building a Vacation Rental App like Airbnb

Provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in developing an Airbnb-like app, broken down by the following categories:


This is the part where the app directly deals with the users providing them with a user-friendly interface that is possible through our customization in the design of the application. In this part the script plays a valuable way in reducing the cost, developing an attractive design for the user, from scratch takes lots of time this is also similar for the landowner panels, and in the meantime, it increases the cost of development. 


This is the part that merges the whole developing team at a point, starting from the business analyst for analyzing the existing product and competitors of the product. The entire details of the product are produced by the product manager, Then the development is comparatively split up to the dedicated developers of the Android platform, IOS, frond, and backend developers and finally passed to the testing team.  


The product developed is checked on the dedicated platform with the testing team. After the developed product is passed the entire section the product will be a bug-free one at the time of release. After all the checks are done and performed successfully it's released to the marketplace for usage.


After the testing is completed fully the way for launching the app is started. Making the app gets launched and the gets installed for use. 

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Comparing the Costs and Benefits of Developing an Airbnb-like App from Scratch or Using a Pre-built Airbnb Clone Solution

Choosing the development method of the app is also a major factor in the cost sector. Scratch development of the app is purely a costly one when compared to Ready Made Airbnb Clone.  While going with Airbnb clone the features and the functionalities of the app is already prebuilt. Hence adding up the extra features and functionalities to it needs a very short time and cost to implement. 

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By comparing and contrasting the costs and benefits of developing an Airbnb-like app from scratch versus using a pre-built solution, such as an Airbnb clone. The Script development has lots of benefits than the scratch development. The ideas you need to implement can make changes in the development cost. Based on the above factors the cost for developing a vacation rental app like Airbnb from scratch is $30,000-$50,000. The cost to create an Airbnb clone with ready made solutions will be $4500 - $15,000. These costs are approximate and to get accurate quote feel free to contact us.

Final Thoughts

Purely above mentioned sectors like the complexity of the app, the method of development, and the time period for development are the foremost factors that directly deals with the cost of developing the app.

Choosing the best software development company like Appticz for your app development can make your development process without any worries. Reach out to our experts now, by creating your own app, kick-start your vacation rental business instantly.

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