Workflow of an Airbnb Clone App for Vacation Rental Companies

Dive in to learn about the host, user & admin panel workflow of the next-generation vacation rental software developed using an Airbnb Clone Script by Appticz.

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What's all about the Airbnb Clone Script?

Airbnb clone is the best suitable for startups who want to begin their career in the travel business industry. It provides a platform where property owners can list their properties directly and they can attract potential customers by offering them attractive deals and places to stay.

If you have a plan of developing a website similar to Airbnb for your travel business then you can take the help of this workflow to have the basic idea. You need to know what you want, how can you get it, and do it. 

Workflow of Airbnb Clone App

If you want to create an Airbnb clone app, you need to consider the operating mechanism that includes both the client and host perspectives. The online platform works in a way, the host can list their property from a dedicated mobile app designed for the Hosts. The guests/user can surf through the listings and select a place to rent from a dedicated user app. The admin panel can manage the whole business operation and can be accessed from anywhere. The Airbnb Clone Script works seamlessly by integrating all these three components.

Host App Workflow

  • The property owners can register with the app by signing up with their mobile number or email address.
  • The host will be approved after verifying the mobile number or email address with a verification code.
  • The host can then add their property and mention their property details along with pictures
  • Hosts can add amenities, activities, room details, bath and shower details, and other information along with their listings.
  • Once a guest books their property, they can able to view booking requests in real-time and they are able to approve or reject them.
  • Property owners can set prices on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis as per their choice for each listing.
  • After a hotel booking is done, the payment will be made by the guest/user to your account through various payment modes available on the app.
  • Hosts also have the option of making changes to their listing as well as adding new listings for rent or sale.
  • Hosts also have access to view the analytics of hotel bookings done over the past few months. With the data they can focus on the improvements, thereby increasing the bookings.

Guest App Workflow

  • Guests can register using a phone number/email address/Apple ID/Facebook account or email address.
  • The guest will be signed in after verifying through a verification code. This helps in the authenticity of the guest profile.
  • The user can complete the profile by adding their personal details like name, mobile number, bio, location, and so on. 
  • Once the profile is set up, the guests can surf through the listings by mentioning the location they are looking for places to rent or stay.
  • Guests can set their dates and budget when finding a stay at a preferred location.
  • They can also find a place to stay for a short period of time or a monthly stay, depending on their requirements. 
  • After finding the property they want to stay in, they can fill in with the number of guests, rooms, and amenities they would like to get comfortable in.
  • The guest app will then navigate to the payment gateway from which users can pay for the room.
  • After payment is successful, booking confirmations will be pushed as notification messages through sms and email.

Admin Panel Workflow

  • An admin panel id and a password will be provided by the software development company that works on your vacation rental project.
  • After signing in, the admin dashboard workspace will be shown to the admin.
  • From there admin can monitor processes like recent hotel bookings, the number of cancellations done, payment history of both the user & host.
  • Admin can push notifications to the user or host if they canceled a booking or in case of double booking of a property.
  • The admin can ban a user or a host from the platform if they violate the terms and conditions of the Airbnb Clone.
  • The dashboard has a dispute management feature from which the admin can escalate the concerns raised by the guest or user regarding a stay.
  • Advanced analytics of the entire business process can be accessed by the admin. The data can be helpful for the areas of improvement and planning a business strategy.
  • The commission tab will provide access to the successful, pending transactions of the commission fare by both the users and hosts.

Workflow Chart

Technical Challenge Faced by Vacation Rental Businesses


By now most vacation rental business has a listing platform, but the challenge faced by many of the companies are slow loading websites and mobile application which is developed using outdated web technologies. This directly affects the user experience and decreases bookings. 


Appticz has helped many existing vacation rental companies by revamping their online vacation rental software with interactive layouts, responsive design, clear navigation, advanced search filters, fast loading websites, and mobile applications. The latest version of Airbnb Clone Script is equipped with a ton of trendy feature sets that can be added and integrated with the suite for maximized conversions.

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Teck Stacks Required for Developing a Vacation Rental Software

The above-mentioned workflow will work flawlessly only if it is backed up with advanced web technologies. So having a little knowledge of the programming technologies and mobile app development frameworks used in vacation rental software may help you understand the overall product.

  • React.js, Angular.js, and Vue.js frameworks are used in front-end development.
  • Ruby and Django frameworks are used in backend functionalities.
  • MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL technologies are used for the database management system.
  • AWS, Google Cloud, and Dedicated CRMs are used as serverside technologies.

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Wrapping It Up

The vacation rental business is a trendy niche to compete with. Every rental business is coming up with an online solution to offer its services across the globe. Thus knowing about how an Airbnb Clone App works is an essential thing for an entrepreneur who is looking to develop vacation rental software for their business.

This article would have provided the workflow of the app, additionally knowing about the features and business benefits of the Airbnb Clone App will get your company off to a successful start and dominate the industry.


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